Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The sheep have arrived!

My two wethers are here! And what an adventure it was to get them here. Imagine, torrential pouring down rain. Two wet sheep. My aforementioned awful steep driveway. The sheep lady shows up and can't get her truck up the drive. So, I drive down the hill in my SUW, load the first sheep into my trunk as I sit with him holding him down by the horns as my husband drives is back up. First sheep is Dudley, a two year old morrit wether who weighs about 175lb and is no wimp. No wimp, who is now sitting in my lap pooping away as I hang onto his horns for dear life as we bumpity bump and get air hauling tail up the grand canyon that is my driveway.
Next, we have to get him into the sheep pen, which is halfway back down the hill.

See barn to right, garage, upper left. Imagine hurricane force rains, dragging an angry national geographic looking big horned mountain type Icelandic sheep by the horns from said garage to said barn. Thankfully after a brief scuttle getting out of the car, he offered no resistance heading into the pen and immediately started noshing on the foliage.
The littler sheep was caged and thus a bit easier to get in. Both seem to be enjoying the grasses and weeds after a cursory exploration of their new digs.
Any name suggestions for the black lamb?

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