Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No free range sheep for me!

So I'm sitting there folding laundry when I see a sheep peeking in my living room window. Now I admit I had been thinking it'd be nice to fence in that area and have sheep peeking in the window but the key word is 'fence'.
Anyhow, since I've had more exercise in one day than a fat lady needs, I will spare you the play by play and give you the short version:

Bad news: sheep are loose!
Good news: they trimmed up the grassy spot near the swing set that hubby hates to mow.
Better news: after much todo and hulaballoo and chasing around they moseyed back into their pen all by themselves.
Awesomest news: looks like our organic insect repellent worked- after all that Mucking around in the bushes I didn't pick up a single tick!!!


Am I a real farmer yet?

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