Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pheonix yarn, Harry Potter inspired

Here's a quick how to for dying your own yarn with koolaid.
First off, I HIGHLY recommend wearing gloves for this:

Ok so first you want to get set up. I'm using a skein of 2-ply white angora (from Princess). Set your fiber to soak. Wet wool really takes the dye easier. If you're using a lanolin-y wool wash it first with a mild soap.
Get your color packets, two cups, and a microwave steamer.

You may also want a syringe and some plastic bags.
So next put each color in a cup and add a few tablespoons of water.

If you are doing a large batch of yarn and want a really specific effect I suggest doing a test swatch; this was originally supposed to be gryffindor yarn but the orange wound up far more orangy than the goldish color pictured here.

Lay your skein out on some plastic and get ready to paint!

I like to start with the syringe to define my color boundaries, and then soak if it's not a super absorbant wool. (note: koolaid is very acidic you don't necessarily need vinegar for this.)

This is where you put your gloves on (whoops) and really smush the dye in. Check for white spots especially under the ties. Be careful not to agitate the wool or it can felt.

When it's ready put it in the steamer with some water and nuke for about 2 minutes on high. Let rest a few minutes and nuke again for 2 minutes on high.
Let cool and rinse completely in water the same temperature as the yarn. Sudden cold water can shock the wool and felt it.

When it's done and rinsed lightly roll your yarn in a towel and hang to dry.


I will post again when this is dry and knit. This photo really doesn't do the variegation justice.

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  1. luscious colors! like sherbert. i didn't use vinegar in mine and i used 4 packs of koolaid and it turned out not very dark. (berry burst). someone on the dyeing with koolaid group on Ravelry.com said to put in vinegar in the presoak.