Sunday, February 28, 2010

New ewe has arrived!!

And boy is she ever gorgeous! Much smoother delivery than the last time we had sheep here. While it was cold, there was no precipitation, and they got up the drive way no problems. Her belly is HUGE so I'm hoping there's at least a couple lambies in there!! The other sheep introduced themselves with a light headbutt, and Nibbler even tried to mount her! (Which was greeted with a swift kick...) She is a little skittish of me today, but I got her to come close to me as long as I was on the other side of the fence today. I think she was more interested in the hay than she was nervous of me tho. I hope she warms up since we'd like to milk her.
Enjoy a view of winter on our farm, with my little herd of icelandic sheep!
PS- what should we name her?
The chickens enjoy a chilly roost in the garden.
Dudley says, "Hi!" And meet our new girl...