Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a wonky crazy week!

Went to a lovely rabbit show on Saturday and picked up two new bunnies! Introducing Snuggle Bunny and Tahiti:

Snuggle Bunny was a freebie I gifted to my son who loves her more than anything despite having to suck back mass quantities of Zyrtec to chill with her.
The rabbit show was fun. I brought our white rabbit Proncess who didn't place but I learned a lot about her and what they're looking for in a show rabbit and I will certainly show her again when she has a longer coat.
I think we will try breeding Tahiti to Nougat since they're both gorgeous satins. Nougat remains my best wooler, and you can't beat the color on our new doe. Just look at them together!

In sad news, we lost a hen today to a prolapsed oviduct. (Ew.) I'm wondering if she was the mystery hen who laid us a massive egg once every three days.
Sometimes this farming stuff really sucks. The highs and lows are drastic! I do have a picture of that but you'll have to message me for it cuz it's nasty and I don't feel like posting it.

Will be shearing the sheep soon, that should be fun and exciting and hopefully profitable!
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