Thursday, October 29, 2009

Passage of time

Halloween always makes me acutely aware of the passage of fall into winter. It's the final harvest. Despite our still relatively warm weather (we are headed to the park today!), I notice the animals both wild and farm reaching out further and further to look for those last few seeds nuts and bugs. I've had to start bringing more hay for the sheep; their pen is about all dried up for leafy greens. I clipped the last sunflower head and roasted it's amazing seeds. I pulled the last huge sweet potatoes from the earth to roast alongside squash and pork tenderloin with fresh fall apples. The leaves continue to fall. The hens go to sleep earlier and earlier and there are less eggs day to day. The rabbits coats are growing thick and wooly (mmm wooly). Holliday movies and advertising is becoming abundant.
At this time of the world slowing down to sleep, I have been speeding up and drawing on the abundance around me. I recently received a scholarship seat to a fantastic life coach certification program and I am excited for the good things this will bring. In a turn of coincidence that makes amazing sense, it is a six month program and beginning at the final harvest, I will reap what I have sown at the first harvest again.

Everything continues to go full circle, ebbing, flowing, never ceasing. I just ride the wave.

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  1. There is something very calming about your writing here, as though I am riding the wave with you.

  2. i agree completely with somerhill. i really enjoyed reading this post. and am so glad you got a scholarship for the life coaching! i have been neglectful of our friendship and apologize for not keeping in better touch!