Saturday, August 15, 2009

What have I been up to?

Let's see, a lot of the same old stuff. Working on my shrug and a pair of socks. Just spin up a ton of peach merino/silk and planning to start my white batch of merino/silk for coachella.

The garden has been giving forth plenty of cucumbers and I'm thinking about making pickles.
I've bee harness training the sheep. It's getting easier but I can't say they like it. But since I'm the only one in charge of the sheep a harness makes like an extra pair of hands.

The ewe I was planning to get was exposed to parasites so we will be getting a black ewe, bred. Lambies this spring!!!!

I've been baking tons of sprouted grain bread. It is awesome.
Etsy is open but I haven't loaded anything new this week due to verizon doing what they do best and delaying the wifi hookup. Look for new items Monday. Should be a ton of destash fabric.
The boys start school the 26th. I'm less than pleased but what can you do. I have very little information about the place and I don't like that. Guess we will take it day by day.

Off to go knead more bread dough!
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