Saturday, August 1, 2009

New addition

One more bunny coming to join us tomorrow! She is a black French angora and I'm getting a fantastic deal on her diego the owners relocating. Pedigreed and show quality. I wasn't going to get more rabbits but I figure she will be a good investment because: I can blend her with Nibbler for a nice grey/black wool, it will give me a darker angora to offer, the cage I'm getting with her will be a good size for breeding usage, and she has a nice coat ready for the rabbit demo I'm doing the end of this month (my other rabbits are bald).
Any ideas on a name for her?

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  1. Did you see the chinchilla buck - her brother?

    I was sorely tempted, but cage space and crutches led to cooler heads prevailing. :^)

  2. Oops, I posted this comment on the wrong posting - anyway, I vote for Louise, don't know why, but it just came to me.

    I used to have 3 angoras. Two white and one grey - they're long gone, but maybe next year after house construction is done, I'll get another one or two (or three)

  3. She is so beautiful! I would name her Frenchy! How I miss my Angora! I am home sick! I just love your Angora Rabbit!