Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to catch a guinea hen 101

So my guinea fowl are here. I think they are a boy/ girl pair. One has bigger cheeks and one makes different sounds than the other so here's hoping.
It doesn't bode well that everytime I get new animals at least one gets loose in my garage.

Notice her friend still neatly tucked in his cage. Silly me opened the cage up to get a better look at them.
Here's how you catch a guinea hen when you're in an enclosed space:
Wait till it gets dark. Turn off all the lights except for one, hung low. Put a box behind the light. When the bird runs towards the light, scoop it into the box and put the lid on fast. Tada! Wish I had figured that out BEFORE I chased it for two hours!
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  1. LOL - that sounds almost as bad as trying to catch a baby bunny in my rabbitry. :^)

  2. hey that's how i get flies out of the house...turn out all the lights and turn them on, one by one, til it's the porch light. no box though. LOL i'm all caught up on your blog now and promise to keep reading!

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