Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Coming soon

I love multipurpose animals. My rabbits provide wool, manure, and are ultimately my pets. They have wonderful personalities and are just a joy to be around. My birds are dual purpose, heavy breeds and prolific layers. The barred rocks are my favorite so far and I think I will invest in more of them come spring.
However, my ultimate vision for this farm is to have an ancient rare breed which happens to be the best darn multipurpose beast ever. The Icelandic sheep. They make two types of wool, for three types if yarn. Good milkers and are known for gourmet cheeses. Lean, tasty meat. Economic feeders who will feed themselves all summer on green pasture. Their pelts are thick and great for people with poor circulation. And of course they provide another source of manure.
I've put a payment down on these two fine wethers for wool. I'm hoping to add an ewe very soon as well for milk and breeding.
This little black lamb:

And this sweet big guy (I'm in love with this colorway):

Come July when you pull up into my farm you will be greeted with a resounding: baaaa!
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  1. good thing you have a large area...wouldn't want those guys waking you up after you finally get to sleep in the wee hours of the mornin!