Sunday, September 6, 2009


Let's see here...
We have three new guinea keets which my son has trained to roost on his arm. It is so cool! (pics soon)

Noodle the rooster attacked my aforementioned son and found his way in a soup pot. Due to the massive number of chicken butchering details online I'll save you the gory details. He served 8 w leftovers and was quite tasty.

We had Cloudy the bunny bred and with any luck we will have babies on the 29th! If not, I'm considering showing het on Oct 3rd if she has a nice enough coat by then.

After a gun scare we pulled the boys from school. I'm happy to have them home but not under those circumstances!
If anyone has grades K and 3 Oak Meadow curriculum I'm looking.

Currently on needles:

95% wool 5% silk slipper sock. Hoping to get a secnd pair of ankle socks out of this yarn; it wasn't cheap.

Sorry for the brevity and late update- things have been crazy settling back into our normal life.
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